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Credit card payment processing

What is a credit card merchant service for the small business owner?
A credit card payment processing is a service that offers small business owners help with processing credit card transactions made by their customers. Sometimes having the option to accept credit cards can be overwhelming for small businesses, more paperwork, more people you need to handle the job. This is where an online merchant service comes in handy. You can find these services online, just search the internet for credit card merchant services and browse the websites.

Belonging to such a service gives you more time to spend on other areas of your business. It also can offer other benefits that you would not normally have by processing credit cards yourself, like free software, and no set up fees. To be a member of such services, you need to open what is called a merchant account with the service you chose to handle your credit card processing. Applying online is fast and easy.

October 23rd, 2007

Customer Service

Many corporations are now outsourcing their customer service jobs to home-based workers.  In fact, there has been national news coverage of this trend.  American corporations are able to keep costs down, yet still employ American workers; they no longer have to outsource these jobs to foreign countries.  This alleviates any cultural or language barriers that have almost become a clichй in the customer service industry.

Customer service is actually an industry upon itself and there are many types of jobs that fall under this umbrella.  As a customer service agent you may accept inbound calls for a company from your home.   You may be processing orders, providing technical support to a company’s existing customers, or answering general inquiry calls.

If you do not like speaking on the phone, don’t worry.  There are also jobs within the customer service industry that do not involve the phone at all.  A prime example would be a help desk representative.  You may have noticed that many websites feature the opportunity to chat with a live agent.  These agents provide all types of assistance, from technical support to general information about a company and its products.  In many cases, these jobs are performed by people from their own homes.

Opportunities in customer service do not end there.  There are also opportunities for people to return phone calls, answer email, and any other “support function” you can imagine.

Since there are so many types of customer service jobs available, there is one suited to most any type of personality.  Generally speaking, customer service agents need to have a “thick skin” as you may come into contact with some irritated customers every now and then.  When that happens, it is important to remember that they are not upset at you personally; they are upset with the company you represent, and you are the only person that they have to communicate their upset feelings to.

You shouldn’t let that prospect scare you away, as there are also many people who will be very pleasant and give you many compliments on the great job you are doing for them.  They will be grateful for the help and support you are providing.

Finding these types of jobs may be a bit tricky, but it can be done.  When you visit a job board, read each listing very carefully to make sure it is not a scam.  Entering quotation marks around your search term will also help narrow your results.  Try to locate a website that specializes in telecommuting, as they may post fresh job leads in the customer service field.

In most cases, you will need to provide your own computer, high speed internet service and phone line.  You will not be reimbursed for these expenses.  If a company needs you to have a certain type of software to work for them, they should provide that to you at no cost. The pay rate for these types of jobs can vary greatly, depending on what type of duties you perform.

If you feel that you would make a great customer service agent, don’t hesitate to research this field further.  There are many new opportunities opening up, and one could be a great fit for you.

September 28th, 2007


Are you the type of person who notices typos or grammatical errors every time you pick up a book or magazine?  Do you cringe when you see mistakes all over a web page? If so, you may want to consider starting a business in proofreading or editing.

In order to attract search engines and visitors, smart website owners and bloggers fill their sites with informative articles and other content.  They may do the writing themselves, hire ghostwriters, or purchase the articles through a private label rights service. 

If they are doing the writing themselves or hiring a ghostwriter, the articles may not be proofread or edited before they are published.  Even great writers can make grammatical errors.  Unfortunately, many private labels rights services that offer cheap articles hire writers who do not speak English as a first language; these articles are often poorly written and need lots of editing.

This is why website owners and bloggers are in need of proofreaders and editors.  As more and more people turn to the internet for business, more websites will be created.  More jobs for proofreaders and editors will be created.  This opens up a lot of opportunity for people interested in this type of career.

Someone interested in seeking work as a proofreader or editor will need to have a love for reading, as that is a primary job function.  It is also helpful to have a good understanding of language and vocabulary. Proofreaders use special symbols, and if you don’t already know them, you should be willing to learn them.  You may find entry level jobs that do not require much experience, and they can be a great training ground for you to learn these skills.

When it comes to your home office set-up, you’ll need a computer and high speed internet access.  You’ll be sending files back and forth to clients and that can be a slow process if you only have dial-up internet.  You will definitely want good word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, as well as a plain text editor such as word pad or note pad.  One of those programs came standard on your computer.  If you have never noticed it, just click on your start button, then click on “accessories” and you should see one of them listed.

There are many ways to locate online proofreading jobs.  You could seek out telecommuting job boards as well as traditional online job boards such as monster.com.  There are many websites dedicated to helping people in freelance writing, and those could also be a source of job leads.  Another option is to work with an online staffing agency.  You may also want to consider contacting a website that publishes a lot of content directly and offering your services.

Proofreading and editing can be a great career for people that love words and want to work from home.

September 9th, 2007



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